Revised Target Date: Sat, 5PM Pacific, possibly Jun 29.

Revised updating day and hour!  The update will be on Saturday at 5pm Pacific Time of whichever week.  (Because I realized that Sunday is a work-night with Monday the next day, and that 7PM Pacific is 10PM Eastern, and under the circumstances this might cause cruel and unusual amounts of sleep deprivation.)  Now done with Ch. 91 and currently aiming to start updating June 29th, 2013 if I possibly can.

Progress Report, June 1st, 2013

An exciting Progress Report, as promised!  No, I don’t have an improved word count – I spent the last month writing up a research report whose draft is due today.  But as soon as I finish up one or two more short things, my employer will again allow me time working solely to produce the next Methods update.  I feel nervous about promising anything I haven’t yet finished and delivered, but watch for it in late June or early July, on some Sunday at 7pm Pacific Time Saturday at 5pm Pacific Time.

Meanwhile:  The Eyre Affair (first novel in the Thursday Next series) seems to be shaping up well so far.  Postnuptial Disagreements is even better on a second reading.  Between these two data points, I’m beginning to believe that classical references are in fact a strong signal of quality.  And if you’re an economist, please check out my recent publication “Intelligence Explosion Microeconomics” (warning: nonfiction).

I will produce a Progress Report on July 1st (7pm Pacific) if there hasn’t been a Methods update before then, and if I don’t have lots of progress to report, shoot me.