Progress Report: Feb 1st, 2013

Currently 3,300 words into Ch. 88.  I suspect I won’t have any exciting numbers to report here until I get another chance to work on HPMOR for a solid week or two.  Still, it’s further along than I was at the same relative time after the Ch. 78-85 update.

Many correct identifications of Miss Chloe’s Epileptic Trees in Ch. 86, but still nobody’s gotten the vrooping thingy.  Win some, lose some.

I’m afraid I don’t have much new fanfiction to recommend – but did run across The Best Night Ever (Groundhog!MLP) and Imperfect Metamorphosis (Touhou, long).  In ‘mainstream’ fiction, Sanctum wasn’t bad but it won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea, so I recommend having a Kindle or a Kindle app so that you can download a sample first.  (I don’t understand why people ever bought books before they could download samples of things.  Libraries?  Physical bookstores where you’d sit around reading the few opening chapters?)

The organization formerly known as “Singularity Institute” is now the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.  We haven’t changed our actual mission, but since our organization was founded the word “Singularity” has become associated with toomuchotherstuff in general and Ray Kurzweil’s ideas in particular.  We’ll just talk about self-improving AI and I. J. Good’s intelligence explosion from now on.

Next Progress Report on March 1st, 2013 at 10pm Pacific Time.