Progress Report: October 1st

15,000 words and two more scenes into Ch. 86, one scene left to go after the current one, and then it’ll be on to Ch. 87.  Further chapters will be shorter and less dialogue-y, I dearly hope (action takes much less time to write than dialogue).

Slightly later tonight on (i.e. before midnight), I hope to publish the first post of a new Sequence, Highly Advanced Epistemology 101 for Beginners, which will update at least 3 times a week after that.

Aaron Tucker of Harvard would like to set up an HPMOR readers’ meetup, or just meet any other HPMOR readers going to Harvard.  He can be emailed at, and will be physically present on Thursday October 11th at 9 PM in the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub.

The r/HPMOR subreddit continues to be highly active.  Now up to 1,640 Bayesian Conspirators!

Word to the HPMOR Podcast, now with its own dedicated site – they’re up to Ch. 67 and with some pretty high production values, having redone some of the earlier chapters too!  Also word to the Russian, Czech, and French translations, respectively up to 57, 53, and 83. is a large collaboration of high quality, with participation by Jack Dilindjer, Moira, Lavash, Loonyphoenix, Alaric, Xeye, StrangeCat, Sergcold, Klekle, Alexqwesa, Chaika.che, Polina, Baskakov, You_know_who, Anzy, and Yuliy.

Things I’ve finished reading lately:  The over-a-million-words Negima / Mega Crossover fanfiction Unequally Rational and Emotional which starts off slow but had me laughing for solid hours by the later chapters; Eric Falkenstein’s new book The Missing Risk Premium (urgent reading for any investor who thinks there’s a risk premium); and the Mahou Sensei Negima manga (for the love of God stay away from the anime and movies).

Next Progress Report on Nov 1st, 10PM Pacific Time.