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My pen name derives from the website Less Wrong, a collaborative blog devoted to improving the art of human rationality.

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  • The incredible Russian translation at (Ch. 1-101) by Jack Dilindjer, Moira, Lavash, Loonyphoenix, Alaric, Xeye, StrangeCat, Sergcold, Alexqwesa, Polina, You_know_who, Anzy, Yuliy, baskakov_dima, kle, Chaika-che, Elspet, Asya, Dima, Kaplya smysla, Berik, Remlin, Constantine, Denker.
  • Chinese (Ch. 1-26) by WangPo, Xingxing, FuShi, Yuring, Mr.Submarine, BobbyLiu, Fiammanda, NiShuo, Draught of the Living Death, SanDingBao, Kazuya, TianXie, QianQian, XueGaoMiao, Dr. ∅, Raven, Acturus
  • Indonesian by geobreed (Ch. 1-76)
  • Czech by Tersa (Ch. 1-63)
  • French by AdrienH (Ch. 1-101)
  • Italian by IlCensore (Ch. 1-101)
  • Spanish by Rhaidot (Ch. 1-40)
  • German (complete) latest release of PDF, epub, mobi
  • German by Jost Migenda, Alex, Martin, and Arne (Ch. 1-17)
  • Portuguese by Mafagafo (Ch. 1-11)
  • Polish by Joanna (Ch. 1-28)
  • Polish by Forsake (Ch. 1-6)
  • Finnish by Hexjr (Ch. 1-6)
  • Dutch by thijsel (Ch. 1-2)
  • Romanian by Flavius (Ch. 1)
  • Hebrew by HPMOR-he (Ch. 1)
  • Hebrew by Yonatan (Ch. 1-13)
  • Ukranian by Kyrylo

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Philosophy of fanfiction:

Creativity means creating a good, original work. The goodness part is complicated. Originality isn’t easy, but it is simple: Just don’t do stuff that’s already been done.

The First Law of Fanfiction states that every change which strengthens the protagonists requires a corresponding worsening of their challenges. Or in plainer language: You can’t make Frodo a Jedi without giving Sauron the Death Star. Read any book on writing ever and it will tell you that stories are about conflict; a hero too strong for their conflict is no longer in tense, heart-pounding difficulty. The Mary Sue is not defined by her power, but by her lack of an even more powerful opponent. I mention this (1) so that you know I know it and (2) because the First Law of Fanfiction ought to be in a giant banner on every fanfiction site. The most fatal temptation of fanfiction writing is to think of how much easier some character’s life would be if they were a ninja. We are naturally inclined to think up ways to solve our characters’ problems for them, but must learn instead to make their lives more difficult.

The Rule of Rationalist Fiction states that rationality is not magic; being rational does not require magical potential or royal bloodlines or even amazing gadgets, and the principles of rationality work for understandable reasons. A rationalist!hero should excel by thinking – moreover, thinking in understandable patterns that readers can, in principle, adopt for themselves. As opposed to the hero just being a born “genius” who comes up with amazing gadgets through an opaque discovery process, or who flawlessly pulls off incredibly complicated gambits that would fail miserably if the reader tried something similar in real life.

All fanfiction involves borrowing the original author’s characters, situations, and world. It is ridiculous to turn around and complain if your own ideas get borrowed in turn. Anyone is welcome to steal anything from any fanfiction I write.

If you enjoy reading a fic, that’s easy to repay; just leave a review – reviews make authors happy. But what if you learn something from a fic, what what if it changes your mind? A favor like that isn’t easy to repay, but what can’t be paid back can often be paid onward. Blog the fic or tweet it or tell your friends, and someone else will get a chance to learn.