Progress Report, June 1st, 2013

An exciting Progress Report, as promised!  No, I don’t have an improved word count – I spent the last month writing up a research report whose draft is due today.  But as soon as I finish up one or two more short things, my employer will again allow me time working solely to produce the next Methods update.  I feel nervous about promising anything I haven’t yet finished and delivered, but watch for it in late June or early July, on some Sunday at 7pm Pacific Time Saturday at 5pm Pacific Time.

Meanwhile:  The Eyre Affair (first novel in the Thursday Next series) seems to be shaping up well so far.  Postnuptial Disagreements is even better on a second reading.  Between these two data points, I’m beginning to believe that classical references are in fact a strong signal of quality.  And if you’re an economist, please check out my recent publication “Intelligence Explosion Microeconomics” (warning: nonfiction).

I will produce a Progress Report on July 1st (7pm Pacific) if there hasn’t been a Methods update before then, and if I don’t have lots of progress to report, shoot me.