Progress Report, Dec 1st

Good news!  I shall be brief.  My employer has allocated some time for me to work on producing the next (1-2 chapter) update of HPMOR!  I can’t make promises because there could always be some immense unanticipated story roadblock, but check for a story update on either Saturday the 7th at 5pm Pacific, or more likely Wednesday the 11th at 7pm.  If I don’t make the 11th I shall at least post a Note to keep you updated.  Look to my coming, at last light, on either the seventh or the eleventh day; at evening look to the West!

My stay in Oxford has been extended by a couple of days, allowing me to appear unto OxTET (Oxford Transhumanism and Emerging Technologies) upon Dec 2nd at 7pm London time, at Keble college, in the Pusey Room.  This shall be open to the public and I shall be speaking on effective altruism and key ideas in Friendly AI.