Progress Report: September 1st

6,660 words into Ch. 86.  Again, I hope things regularize now that I’m going back to my main SIAI job rather than doing CFAR work (I still didn’t have much chance to work on HPMOR in August per se).  Next Progress Report on October 1st, 2012, at 10PM Pacific Time.  (I’m now calling them “Progress Reports” because the phrase “Progress Update” is apparently still, despite many and mighty disclaimers, confusing people into expecting new HPMOR chapters.)  Scrivener does seem definitely helpful, by the way.

/r/HPMOR on Reddit now has 1,367 subscribers.  (!)

I’ll be visiting New York on September 24th, and on the rest of the East Coast probably also Boston and possibly New Haven, both for business purposes and to officiate the wedding of a couple of good friends.  If you’re interested in becoming a major supporter of the Center for Applied Rationality, email me ( and we may be able to meet while I’m there.

We’re still finalizing the details, but the Center For Applied Rationality may soon be running two more events:

  • A weekend rationality workshop in London, UK
  • A set of 4-day rationality workshops in the San Francisco Bay area, in California.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop about these events, and sent an application when applications open, please fill out this one-minute form.