Author’s Note Ch. 97

Surprisingly massive fan art update, holy smokes!
Note that all art may spoil up to Ch. 96, and that titles may spoil up to Ch. 89.

I have no realistic hope of providing cameos for all these artists with only one major arc left to go – but thank you very much to everyone for this gigantic outpouring of artistic inspiration!

Advertising by request:  Ergo is a science, rationality and philosophy meetup group in New York City.  Ergo is organized by Spencer, who runs a small hedge fund, and we owe him a favor because CFAR keeps hiring his friends and making them move to the West Coast.  Ergo’s membership application is here.

My host organization, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which occasionally kindly gives me several weeks of paid leave to write HPMOR, is almost at the end of its summer fundraising drive, a $200,000 matching grant currently with $150,063 achieved, with only 1 day left on the clock.  All donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the challengers up to and through August 15th, tomorrow.

In 2012 MIRI received donations from a total of 280 people, and 20 people gave over $5,000.  Over MIRI’s lifetime from its inception in 2000 to the start of 2013, MIRI has had only ~3,000 donors ever.  If you want the #8 spot on the all-time top lifetime donor list, it costs $70,000.  Robin Lee Powell is our #18 lifetime contributor just by virtue of steadily donating $200/month.  Please do not assume that other people are taking care of this – act heroically!

I am currently targeting Tuesday, August 27th for posting Ch. 98, or the rest of the arc if there’s more than 1 final chapter.  I will post an Author’s Note on Saturday, August 24th at 5pm Pacific to let everyone know whether I am on schedule to do so.  See you then, I hope!