Author’s Notes Ch. 93

There will be a MIRI mathematical workshop spanning Jul 8-14.  This usually requires me to vanish from the world and I try to rest before and after them.  There may be updates on some but definitely not all of the following days:

  • Sun Jul 7 5pm
  • Thu Jul 11 7pm
  • Mon Jul 15 7pm
  • Wed Jul 17 7pm

All in Pacific Time.

(Spoilers for up to Ch. 93.)

Once we reach Ch. 96 I will require additional time to write the closing chapters of this arc, but Ch. 96 should be a relatively less stressful waiting point.  In case it’s not clear, I’ve been updating like heck until Ch. 93 to reach an emotionally less gloomy location at which to slow down.

The ‘Ticks’ in Ch. 88 are not randomly spaced; they appear after Harry thinks thoughts which predictably will not contribute to resolving the emergency in retrospect – ‘wasted motions’.  See this post.

I have written a long rant upon HPMOR’s anti-feminism or lack thereof.  If you don’t know what ‘fridging’ is or don’t care, you can skip this and probably should.  I generally believe that the text should stand on its own and that if the author has to explain how to interpret the text then the text has failed; and anything I say that isn’t in the text itself is merely, as it were, the Opinion of God.  Wisely or unwisely, I’m now talking about the text anyway.  If you don’t particularly think HPMOR is anti-feminist, you’re probably better off not reading it, and sticking with the text itself.  I find it unpretty when authors have to talk about their works, and you shouldn’t be surprised if it detracts from your appreciation of the story.

If you perhaps unwisely choose to read it anyway, you will find it here.