Author’s Note 122: FINAL

And so it ends.

One way or another, I expect to write more, though I haven’t yet settled on Precisely Bound Djinni and their Behavior versus The College of Sunlight and various other options.

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See here for ways to find Wrap Parties.

If you’re already missing HPMOR, and you haven’t yet read Terry Pratchett, then I commend to you once more the Discworld novels, beginning with Mort.

Rationality: From AI to Zombies, a compendium of my blog post sequences on Less Wrong as slightly edited and much reorganized by Robby Bensinger, is now available as a pay-what-you-like eBook and at Proceeds go to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

Cassandra Xia, creator of Adventures in Cognitive Biases, is today launching an Indiegogo to fund a larger and more polished game, Timmy’s Journey, that trains probabilistic reasoning. This is a promising project that aims to get started on filling a rather large hole in human civilization – we need more computer games that train good epistemology, no really.

An attempt is in progress to contact Daniel Radcliffe. Please do not randomly bother him or J. K. Rowling.

It currently looks moderately probable that I may end up able to make at least five-figure angel investments. See here for my more detailed thoughts on whether it should be possible to make an excess return over the venture sector by being better than average at judging startup ideas (it’s a lot less obvious than it sounds).

There will be a final fanart collection at some point in the future, maybe at the same time I post Omake Files #5: Collective Intelligence.  I also have a series of short-short stories, mostly HP-fanfiction rather than HPMOR-fanfiction, entitled Not Your Usual Riddle Fic, which I will probably put up soon in a separate story.

I do intend to someday rewrite and post the epilogue, though not until I’ve given readers a chance to write their own continuations first.  If so, I will post the epilogue as a separate story; what has been written so far is complete as it stands.

But for now… good night, all my friends, and I’ll see in you in the metaphorical morning.