Author’s Note 116: The Wrap Parties

I am running a few minutes late on this chapter owing to last-minute edits.  Please don’t panic.

As of March 3rd, the current list of HPMOR Wrap Parties on Pi Day, March 14th was as follows:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Washington DC
  3. Portland, Oregon
  4. Brussels, Belgium
  5. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  6. Berlin, Germany
  7. New Orleans, Lousiana
  8. Sarasota, Florida
  9. MIT, Massachusetts
  10. Denver, Colorado
  11. Berkeley, California
  12. Lawrence, Kansas
  13. Seattle, Washington
  14. Mountain View, California
  15. Singapore
  16. Sydney, Australia
  17. Mumbai, India
  18. Melbourne, Australia
  19. London, Great Britain
  20. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Additional resources:

  • The Map.

    A quick overview of how many people in your area are strongly interested, and who might help you with organizing an event. Not even half of the people currently RSVP’d for facebook events have added themselves to the map, so this map is the absolute minimum level of engagement in your area.

  • The Facebook Group.This is the main location for discussion of the wrap parties and also the location at which all of the events are conveniently collected. You can find all events under the “Events” tab, and if you add your own event in this group you can conveniently invite everyone who has added themselves to this group.
  • The Less Wrong post, with even more information.