Fan Art

Fan-fanfiction of Methods of Rationality:
(spoilers for arbitrary chapters!)

Once Upon a Tower by TheOtherSarshi (very AU, inspired by this fanart, I quite liked it, spoilers for Ch. 53).
Nightmares of Azkaban by Owl344 (what’s it like to be an Auror down there?)
Harry Potter and Selective Perception by Kensu
Harry’s Game by Black Logician
Harry Potter and the Order of Chaos by centreoftheselights
Educational by centreoftheselights
Harry Potter and the Methods of Chaos by JBean210
Dark Lord Material by Truemythewise
Hermione Granger and the Burden of Responsibility by Squirrelloid
Innocence by LinkHyrule5 (alternate ending of Ch. 85)
Squibgineering by credentiality (series of shorts)
Depart Azkaban by ThinkingSpeck (spoilers for Ch. 81) (NEW!)

Inspired works:
(meant to occupy a similar ‘genre’, but not the same universe)

Luminosity by Alicorn (rational!Twilight)
Harry Potter and the Natural 20 by Sir Poley (D&D-style Munchkinism)
Hamlet and the Philosopher’s Stone by HonoreDB (rational!Hamlet)
Lighting up the Dark by Velorien (rational!Naruto)
Friendship is Optimal by Iceman
Myou’ve Gotta be Kidding Me by DataPacRat

Fan poetry:
(spoilers for arbitrary chapters!)

Potter Progress Plea Poem by Adam Spitz
The Ballad of Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres
by Lanthanum
China Bowl by Mallus Rex

Fan art:
(All fan art may spoil up to its chapter!)
(Note:  We are now running low on cameo opportunities
and cameos for further works cannot be guaranteed.)

Deviant Art group

Poster by Zerinity (epic, by request) (Dylan Vaughan in Ch. 78)

Ch. 1:

Ch. 2:
ChaoticReactions 1, 2, 3, 4 (Celestria Relevo in Ch. 58)

Ch. 3: Rhaidot

Ch. 4: Rhaidot

Ch. 6:
Dinosaurusgede (Mr. Durian in Ch. 38, Auror Komodo in Ch. 43.)
Liz-of-all-Trades (Elizabeth Beckett in Ch. 68) (BROKEN)
Illustrating Rationality
Illustrating Rationality

Ch. 7:
Tavoriel (donated cameo to Colleen Johnson in Ch. 86)
Pencil-Monkey (cameo in Ch. 86)
Illustrating Rationality

Ch. 8:
Purely Sadistic: Hermione Theme Music:  Innocence (Tano Wolfe in Ch. 87)

Ch. 9:
Dinosaurusgede (Ch. 9 in a perfect nutshell)
Dzhu (NEW)

Ch. 11: Dinosaurusgede (aren’t you glad this was omake?)
Ch. 12: Dylan Vaughan

Ch. 13:
Smallricochet (I liked this, rather anime) (Lurinus Lumblung in Ch. 79)
Samuel Kleiner (Mr. Kleiner in Ch. 81)
Illustrating Rationality

Ch. 14: Dinosaurusgede
Ch. 15: Stephanie (and so it began) (Adam Beringer and Nita Berdine in Ch. 78)

Ch. 16:
HK66 (cameo pending)
Purely Sadistic

Ch. 17:
Dinosaurusgede (lovely rendition of a defining moment)
Dinosaurusgede (slightly different rendition)
Christopher Olah
Nekonutchi (contact me with cameo name)

Ch. 18:
Lanthanum (Cesi in Ch. 32)
Dnaliw (Charlotte in Ch. 41)
Darke Lady (a guise of Tracey in Ch. 78)
Kuzosama (contact me with cameo name)

Ch. 19: Dinosaurusgede

Ch. 20:
Sascia (Sophie McJorgenson in Ch. 79)
UnknownCartoonsLover (Auror Goryanof in Ch. 43, I really liked this one)
Tess Walsh (cameo in Ch. 78)
@FAN MUSIC: SPHERE OF STARS@ by orngjce223 of (Tricia Glasswell in Ch. 77) (a beautiful and ethereal instrumental piece, do not miss it)

Major spoilers in the next two pieces if you didn’t figure it out in Ch. 20. If you don’t know what “it” is, you didn’t figure it out. It was obvious to some readers, but not to others, and the readers to whom it wasn’t obvious warn you that you don’t want to look at this. Very very slightly NSFW:

Yvain 01 (Scott in Ch. 32)
Reborned (Matt in Ch. 32)

Ch. 21:
Skay-39 (Leo in Ch. 36, final panel is unrelated doodle)
Krepta17 (Kimberly in Ch. 33)
Dinosaurusgede (the perfect expression on Harry’s face)
Harry Potter Addict
Stephanie (poor Harry) (cameo in Ch. 86)

Ch. 22:
(cameo pending)
Twisted Black Candy (contact me with cameo info) (BROKEN)
Nathan Rehfuss (cameo in Ch. 86)
Prite (contact me with cameo info)

Ch. 23: Rose Pinnisi (cameo pending)

Ch. 24: Dinosaurusgede (I’ve run out of words for all the awesome)
Ch. 26: Dinosaurusgede (more awesome)

Ch. 27:
Kuzosama (contact me with the name for your cameo)

Ch. 28:

Ch. 29:

Ch. 30:
Entropic Specter’s music for the Sunshine marching song
(Specter in Ch. 32)
Arty Grey’s music for the Sunshine Regiment (Arty Grey in Ch. 75)
centreoftheselights’s awesome original Chaos Legion song (Ellie Knight in Ch. 78)
Purely Sadistic’s Chaos Legion music
Thewnaeffect’s Chaos Legion waltz
Inwitari Turelie (Tania in Ch. 34)
Dinosaurusgede (yet more awesome)
EStokes (cameo pending, please recontact me with your cameo info)
HalfBloodDragon (Rianne Felthorne in Ch. 71)
gazzafizza06: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (Reese Belka in Ch. 73)
Mad Hatter Lcarol (cameo pending)
Chloe (cameo in Ch. 86)
Dzhu 1 2 (cameo pending)
Hallows Wallpaper
Purely Sadistic 
Cornelia (NEW)

Ch. 32: Auddie (her boyfriend is Samuel in Ch. 41)

Ch. 33:
Lanthanum (1MB animated GIF; holy smokes)
And I Move Smilingly
Purely Sadistic

Ch. 34: Dinosaurusgede

Ch. 36: Dinosaurusgede (awwwww)

Ch. 38: Dinosaurusgede (epic)

Ch. 40: Oatmealftlotudo (NEW)

Ch. 41:

Ch. 42: Dinosaurusgede

Ch. 44: Dinosaurusgede

Ch. 45:
Bojanglesthe3rd (Bahry in Ch. 54)
MathAndChaos (Casey McNamara in Ch. 48)
Yvain01 (animation, slightly rearranged)
Scudamor (Gerard McCusker in Ch. 54)
Cameron Edward (cameo in Ch. 65)
Julie Kang (commissioned by Arram Sabeti) (Arram Sabeti in Ch. 68)
Jaime Astorga (of Legally Free Content) (Jaime Astorga in Ch. 72)
Raymond Arnold (cameo in Ch. 78)
Nancy Hua (cameo in Ch 86)
Pencil-Monkey (cameo in Ch. 86)
Miststrara (NEW)

Ch. 46: Reborned

Ch. 47:
Abigail (Abigail in Ch. 49, her webcomic)
Mike Inside (Mike inside Hufflepuff in Ch. 69)
Quantum Spork (Merry Tavington in Ch. 62) (I had trouble looking directly at this) (BROKEN)
Tavoriel (heartbreaking)

Ch. 48: Dinosaurusgede

Ch. 49:
Tom Hart (Tanaxu in Ch. 72)

Ch. 50: Dinosaurusgede

Ch. 51:
LunchBagArt (requested no cameo)

Ch. 52: David Capito (cameo in Ch. 86)

Ch. 53:
Dinosaurusgede (powerful)
Matt Kemis (contact me with cameo name)
Prima Donna 9396 (cameo in Ch. 86)

Ch. 54:
Andrew Semler (Andy’s cat in Ch. 56)
Samuel H. Lyall (Samuel H. Lyall in Ch. 63)
Tom Reagan (Isabel Brooks in Ch. 57)
Dylan Vaughan 1 2

Ch. 55: Dinosaurusgede
Ch. 56: Dinosaurusgede
Ch. 57: SlvrCrystalC (Dr. Crystal Camblebunker in Ch. 59)

Chi. 58:
Guciek (link to
Autopolydidact (Oliver Beatson in Ch. 70)

Ch. 59:  Ben Gutierrez (cameo in Ch. 84)

Ch. 60:
Fan Tong (cameo in Ch. 85)

Ch. 62: 
Karen Rustad (Jenny Rustad in Ch. 67)
Timeline of Chs. 51-62 by GeeJo (Google Docs spreadsheet)

Ch. 65: Randolph Lee (Randolph Lee in Ch. 73)

Ch. 67:
MoonrakerJay (Jacqueline Preece in Ch. 70)
Dinosaurusgede 1 2 3 4 5 6
Dinosaurusgede and UnknownCartoonsLover 1 2 3 4 5 (BROKEN)
Dtldarek (the dread Totoro in Ch. 81)

Ch. 69:
Gothescalcus (Gottschalk in Ch. 72)
Threesan (Robert Jugson III in Ch. 73)
Iron Ferrule (NEW)

Ch. 70:
Elanor Pam (Paula Vieira in Ch. 72)

Ch. 72:
Elanor Pam
Inwitari Turelie

Ch. 74:  RomanceLuver22

Ch. 75: PinkYoungCeo (NEW!)

Ch. 76:  Wishcat (contact me with your cameo info)

Ch. 77:
Karen Dutton (beautifully, beautifully rendered) (cameo in Ch. 80)
Shallandavar (cameo pending)
Mystic-Marbles (Sir Gareth in Ch. 87)
Anhyvar (Michelle Morgan in Ch. 88)

Ch. 78: Tess Walsh

Ch. 79:
Ilae (cameo in Ch. 86)
Vienna Lerough (Vienna Wood in Ch. 96)

Ch. 80: Tavoriel

Ch. 81:
Karen Dutton (when Harry Potter stares into the abyss…)
SomeRandomPerson95 1 2 3 4 5 6 (cameo pending, contact me with name)

Ch. 84:
Professor Quirrell’s horrible humming, rendered as audio by Jason Gross,  Fgenj, and GJM.

Ch. 85:
Whatevercat (cameo donated to Hallie Fleming in Ch. 96)

Ch. 88: UntalentedArtist

Ch. 89:
PinkYoungCEO (cameo name needed)
Music by Hespiridia:  Irreversible
Anhyvar (Warning: Hermione’s POV)
Elspet (NEW)

Ch. 93: Bayesian-Conspirator

Ch. 95:

Ch. 96:
Laura Trutoiu
Korn-Elia (NEW)

Ch. 97: Askspencerhill (NEW)

Banner / cover art: 
Noelle Curry (Noelle Curry in Ch. 57)
Mike Obee Lay (Nicodemus Capernaum in Ch. 80)
Dzhu 1 2
Yariasari (NEW)

Vadim Kulikov (contact me with your cameo name)
Anonymous (NEW)

Cameo supplies are now running low. You will of course still be listed above, and will receive a link of your choice next to your fan art listing, if you wish. Please email a link to your fan art to Don’t forget to supply the name for your cameo, if available – I can no longer make promises, but some of you may still fit in, especially if the work is exceptional.

PS to artists: In this fic, Professor Quirrell is not wearing a turban, but is instead slightly balding on the back of his head, despite his apparent youth (see Ch. 12).